Hung Viet Company constructed the Silt Protector

Hung Viet Company supplies and constructed the silt protector, at the inundation position of Hoa Phat Dung Quat Port Project to prevent the diffusion of mud and spill, contributing to environmental protection.

Location of float: 12-13km from the coast

Depth: 55-60m

Length of silt protector:  1000m

Float diameter: D 500

In Viet nam, the protection of the marine environment during the construction process has been taken care of by people, the state, construction companies, etc.and find the remedial measures.

Measures use the silt protector at the present are evaluated as the most effective method, therefore the construction of silt protector with th diameter D500, depth of silt protector 5.0m at location distance from 12 - 13 km of Hoa Phat project to prevent the spread of polluted solid and water in the process of pouring mud, sand at engulf area as well as preventing the spread of polluted water in the pouring of waste, it partly helps to protect the environment.

Some pictures of project construction:


               Gathering anchor, anchor rope on barges                                                            Gathering the silt protector on barges


                          Investor check the silt protector                                                                   Machining, connecting the float


 Droppong the silt protector, connect anchor rope with anchor                                       Picture of the silt protector after construction   

                            and silt protector on the sea

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