Geotube® Dewatering Technology

Today, the rapid development of urbanization and the heavy industry have a significant impact on the environment. Urban waterlogging, untreated sewage discharges directly to the receiving source causing environmental pollution and contaminated water supply for living is seriously occurring. Sludge deposited in ponds, rivers, lakes, etc. has a lot of negative impacts on human life, especially heavy metal sludge such as Cu, Mn, Zn, Ni, Cd, Pb, Hg. , Se, Al, As ... are required to be processed so as not to cause any consequences later on.


Solving that problem, many solutions are put forward in parallel with the strong development of science and technology. Hung Viet Company is proud to be one of the pioneers in bringing Geotube® Dewatering Technology from the Netherlands to Vietnam. The success of this technology has been proven by many projects around the world.


1. Principles of operation

  • Filling

Sludge is pumped into a geotube container. Enviromantally safe flocculants are added to the sludge, which make the solid bind together and water separate. 

  • Dewatering

Clear effluent simply drains from the Geotube container. Over 99% of solids are captured and clear filtrate can be collected and recirculated through the system.

  • Consolidation

Solids remain in the bag. Volume reduction can be up to 90%. When full, the Geotube container with its contents can be deposited at a landfill, or the solids removed and land- applied when appropriate. 


2. Advantages

- This technology not only provides an innovative solution for treating water pollution, but also cost-effective when compared to traditional methods

- Easily to apply, Geotube containers are avaiable in a varity of sizes, depending on your volume and space requirements.

- Flexible enough for available space

- Able to achive very high containment capture rates.

- Dramatically reduces odour problems.

- An enviromentally friendly alternative technology.

- Does not require start-up and shut down time. 


3. Application


- Enviromental remediation for rivers, bays, harbours, marinas, ports, dock facilities...

- Apply for pulp and paper plant including: lagoon cleanout, fly ash and alum sludge...

- Mining and Mineral Processing

- Remove and manage by-products in power generation

- Solve the common problem at small Sewage treatment plants.

- Light Industrial

- Agriculture: Manage waste from animal feeding operations.

- Aquaculture. 


4. Some photos of Geotube® Dewatering technology




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